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Characteristics 1

Technique and Experience that was cultivated by the product line which of variety

The die-caising achieved a mass-production of ultrathin product by highly precise technique cultivated by the camera body which was anchor product when PROGRESS was established. We are equivalent to a great variety of materials in aluminum or zinc, and supply a product to the wide field (automotive components, parts of industrial instruments, information appliance, electric communications equipments, a household appliance, or amusement) from large lot to small lot.

In manufacture of Die, adding the emprical value to the die-casting theory, we start up with the technical proof with inspecting in advance by the flow analysis in a design process.
We suggest the shape in consideration of productivuty and work on manufacturing die-casting die for short lead time.

It's also possible to sell only die or only jig.

The trial product before the mass production is also corresponded by cutting or gypsum mold casting for short lead time.
Moreover we have a production base in Indonesia, so the global correspondence is possible

Additionally, we meet the needs about the die-casting by the start-to-finish production system.

Characteristics 2

Collaboration of the Production Process

The correspondence that is flexible in speedy by collaboration of manufacture of die, domestic production, the overseas production is possible.
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